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Thinking of the hundreds of employees and the good times and friendships built draws me to original business plan that we had draw up at the onset and the name that we had pinned at the head of our endeavors of “United”. Not just a name picked out of a hat but an actual philosophy that we work with every day and laugh and joke as we always pull together as a team in the best of times and the worst of times. This is what has drives us everyday to keep working and do all that we can do, it’s not simply what one person decides for us to do as a company but as a whole we proceed with the best ideas and solutions. We constantly are asking what should we do next and what is the best way to do it, and we all guide our progress and shape our days, weeks and projects. So this is not a hollow name or plan, even as it may sit on a shelf unread for years it’s ideals bond us together and make us stronger as a whole, and a company that we and you can be proud of.Through this twenty five years of teamwork, we have accomplished many amazing things and learned insurmountable sums of knowledge.

Projects involved several houses with copper roofs, some with slate and artificial slate, tile and various metal systems. We worked on many shopping centers, libraries, city buildings and churches. Every style and fashion of roofing that is made. Through the thousands of projects from the ground up, from footings to foundations to framing and entire home and building construction, we have done it all, and thus understand how all of the components come together and how important each is and the importance of details of each junction. It is more than simply tacking a shingle to a roof, as anyone can do this, we have learned it is a whole process filled with details. Important details, from simple friendly interaction when pricing, neat and clean work methods, logical procedures, organized flow of work, and efficiency that one can see as they watch work in progress. No one enjoys a haphazard approach with rough thoughtless execution. I shutter at the thought of unfamiliar workman doing any work on my personal houses, as I know more can be damaged in just a few moments than fixed. It is this respect and care that has been learned over these many years.

Are you still reading this…..As I type I wonder just how much space this website will allow me to cover all that is United. It seems I could write for days of all the wonderful times and special moments that fill the majority of our days. Our career is the whole of our being and that which we devote our lives to learning all about and how to do it better and better, so that is what we have done and we will not keep learning. We long for more interesting projects that challenge our abilities and intellect and give us new visible tangible pieces of art that we can stand back and be proud of. I think that is what originally drew me to this craft, and the fact that it is ever changing and with new challenges and new surroundings and customers to keep this road interesting. I hope all of this gives one a little bit of an understanding of where we come from and what we are all about. I don’t think in that business plan there is a section that focuses on making a big profit and it is apparent that making riches in the industry is not our strong suit, but that has never been the true focus of our work, as it is all more than that. So we invite you to join forces with us and work with us on a project and see what we can do together. We are easy to talk to and work with. We are real and common people working to make our world a better place and think that what we have to offer is a world of knowledge and fun ideas. I also shutter to think of generic websites of polished words that mean nothing. Glad that I was able to at least mutter something real….but it seems I’m out of room….Would love to learn your story and discuss the project on your mind.